We’re really not trying to profit off the coronavirus, but…

I hesitate to even let the word ‘coronavirus’ roll off my tongue right now. We’re all bombarded with a daily barrage of conflicting information, opinions, and conspiracy theories – and it’s not my intention to add, needlessly, to the heap. I should also mention that this isn’t a shameless profiteering campaign, designed to drive you […]

CBD and Fitness

It’s now March, which marks 60+ days past the day you likely set some 2020 fitness goals and resolutions. For many, this could be the ‘make or break’ point. You’ve either persisted with your routine, or you’ve slacked a bit here and there, but you know it’s time to get back on track…

What is CBG Oil?

We take great pride in our knowledge of all things cannabis, and we try to utilize that knowledge in finding new products. But we’ve held off on bringing any CBG oil into the mix until we could see reports of its effects. In theory, the compound seemed promising. And after monitoring some preliminary studies and […]

Legal Weed in Kentucky 2020?

While Kentucky has been a major force behind industrial hemp, the state still hasn’t passed legislation concerning cannabis. Could that change in 2020? The majority of Kentuckians think it should. And many people “in the know” believe we could see legal weed in Kentucky this year. Populism and Cannabis Reform Over 80% of Kentucky residents […]

Can hemp get you high?

An extremely common question we encounter almost daily is if hemp can get you high, or stoned. While the quick answer is a resounding “NO,” there is much more to be said, concerning the subject. As we always say, the more you’re educated, the better off you will be. Why does cannabis get you high? […]

The best CBD oil on Amazon is no CBD oil.

If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in trying out CBD oil, you’ve likely found yourself searching for “best CBD oil” on Amazon. After all, you’re already purchasing so much else from the online shopping giant. Why not CBD oil? An objective case for avoiding CBD oil on Amazon. I’m not exactly proud of […]

How much should CBD oil cost?

With literally thousands of brands and products on the market, we know it can be difficult to select a tincture or CBD oil. So, what should CBD oil cost you? Does a higher price tag equal higher quality? Did you just find a deal that seems too good to be true? We’re going to take […]

The War on CBD

With any surge in popularity of an herbal supplement, or ‘remedy,’ the industry that produces those products will be met with understandable scrutiny and regulations. But, I’ve never in my life seen such confusing, conflicting, and confounding regulations (or lack thereof,) surrounding, what I think is safe to assume at this point, a completely harmless […]

There’s a difference: hemp seed oil vs CBD oil.

We here at TincturesAndMore.com and Henderson Hemp Company firmly believe no question is a stupid question. And if you’ve found yourself Googling “hemp seed oil vs cbd oil,” rest assured that you are far from the only person out there with that same burning inquiry. Hemp Seed Oil Put simply, hemp seed oil is oil […]

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton