If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in trying out CBD oil, you’ve likely found yourself searching for “best CBD oil” on Amazon. After all, you’re already purchasing so much else from the online shopping giant. Why not CBD oil?

An objective case for avoiding CBD oil on Amazon.

I’m not exactly proud of it, but I buy plenty of items each month from Amazon. Every time I hit the checkout button, my conscience gives me a shameful reminder that I could be making a far more ethical purchase by shopping with a local retailer. But, it’s 2020, and sometimes convenience trumps all in the game of online shopping.

And, so, it’s not with a sense of judgment or moral obligation that we present our argument, here. Avoiding the retail behemoth in this case is of a far more practical concern.

To put it simply, there’s a very good chance you could be wasting money.

Is it even CBD oil?

We’ve already published a much more thorough piece on what differentiates CBD oil from hemp seed oil, but to brief; the two are NOT the same, and you probably do NOT want hemp seed oil, unless you’re making soap or cooking.

But, Amazon’s official policy is that you cannot sell or buy products containing CBD from their site or app. So, how are so many brands skirting by, avoiding this policy? Great question.

By marketing CBD products on Amazon as “hemp oil,” or something similar, these products imply that they don’t contain cannabidiol (CBD.) And while that may seem like a relatively harmless way of getting around Amazon’s regulations, it’s created a problem for consumers.

Marketing these products as simply “hemp” products has opened the door for unscrupulous and predatory retailers to bank on the muddied waters, offering cheap hemp seed oil at a premium price for those that aren’t aware of the differences. And without FDA regulatory practices in place for labeling and testing, it’s nearly impossible to know if you’re getting legitimate CBD oil, or just hemp seed oil. (And, again, there is a huge difference between the two.)

A marketplace for counterfeits

Now, don’t get me wrong…I love that Amazon has created a vast online marketplace for retailers all over the world. But, in creating a retail hub of such immensity, there is unfortunately a substantial opportunity for fraudulent, or “bootleg,” versions of popular products to sneak in. Even if undetected for a short amount of time, these fraudulent items could show up in your search results – and, worse- in your shopping cart, before they’re detected and removed from the site.

Amazon has zero requirements for test results.

One of the most important things you should consider before buying a quality CBD oil is where you can find third party lab test results. EVERY single reputable brand of CBD oil will absolutely supply you with these test results. And, in turn, any reputable retailer or shop that carries CBD products should require these test results be available on any brand or product they carry. Amazon has no such requirements, at this time.

Knowledge is power with CBD

We highly suggest finding a knowledgable seller, when buying any CBD products. They should be able to quickly answer any and all questions you may have. Unfortunately, these popular online one-stop shops like Amazon just can’t provide that service. Fortunately, there are many knowledgable brick and mortar CBD dispensaries that exist across the United States, now. And, if you can’t find one near you…well, you’re already here, and we offer Fast + Free shipping on all orders.