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On this page, we will attempt to answer any questions you may have about CBD | CBN | CBG | Hemp | Cannabis, and its many associated products. CBD oil, gummies, edibles, pet treats, and skin care products have sprung up in a multitude of different retail markets. From high end cosmetics stores and big box retailers like Amazon and Walgreen’s, to shady convenience stores and vape shops, CBD is everywhere. But, are all of these products reputable, and of good quality? Surprisingly, in most of these cases, the answer is a pretty resounding “NO.

We believe that everyone should have access to transparently high quality products, and the bare minimum of information to make an educated decision about their purchase. With that in mind, let’s discuss what you should be looking for in high quality CBD products.

What You Should Be Looking For:

  1. Made in the USA. Every product we carry that contains CBD is made in the USA, from hemp grown in the USA, that was processed in a manufacturing facility in…you guessed it…the USA.
  2. Third Party Lab Testing. Every brand we carry in our curated product selection absolutely MUST have third party, independent laboratory testing results available.  In addition, most products we carry will have a QR Code on the packaging that will lead to individual batch testing, from a reputable third party lab in the USA.

  3. All Natural Ingredients. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s likely that it shouldn’t be in your CBD oil. Most contain the CBD oil itself, a carrier oil, and possibly a natural flavoring. The natural flavoring shouldn’t be in the form of added sugar or sweeteners. Occasionally, all natural botanically-derived terpenes or essential oils are added for flavor, aroma, and desired effect.

  4. Appearance. It may sound superficial, but if it looks cheap, and it is cheap…well, just remember that you get what you pay for. These products usually don’t have many details on the (often home-made) labels, and if that is the case, we advise to stay away.

  5. Price. FAR TOO OFTEN, we see people paying entirely too much for CBD products that look slick and reputable in their packaging. They may even have strong brand name recognition. But please be aware that brand recognition and slick packaging has no bearing on the product’s quality.

    What you should be looking at, specifically, is PRICE PER MG of CBD.

    Here’s a handy formula you can use to determine if you are paying too much:

    In our opinion, you should not be paying more than around $0.10 to $0.12 per mg. You may be shocked to know that many people are paying much more for sub-standard products with nice packaging (but no third party lab results.) Pull out your phone’s calculator and do the math. Are you getting ripped off?

  6. Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum, vs. THC Free. Another can of worms, so please do yourself a favor and read more in-depth information on what each means. But, for the sake of brevity, here’s a short primer:

    Full Spectrum
    – contains CBD, varying amounts of other naturally-occurring  cannabinoids and terpenes, along with a negligible amount of naturally-occurring THC (less than 0.3%, as federally regulated.)

    Broad Spectrum
    – contains CBD, varying amounts of other naturally-occurring  cannabinoids and terpenes, but usually contains ZERO THC.

    THC Free
    – made with CBD isolate, it contains ONLY CBD, and contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or THC.

    It is worth a quick mention that there are multiple studies showing that Full Spectrum CBD oils may be more effective than THC Free versions.
    Here’s a great resource, if you would like to read a more in-depth analysis of the subject.

    Again, there is a wealth of information awaiting you below, if you would like to continue learning. But, if you already feel more empowered to make an educated decision (and you definitely should if you’ve read this far,) don’t let us stop you from shopping!

Ready to go shopping?

Or keep reading... but, first - let's address some common terms before we dig deeper...

• CBD – short for ‘cannabidiol’ – a nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp.

• Cannabinoid – any of various naturally-occurring, biologically active, chemical constituents (such as cannabidiol or cannabinol) of hemp or cannabis including some (such as THC) that possess psychoactive properties.

• Hemp – a tall widely cultivated Asian herb (Cannabis sativa of the family Cannabaceae, the hemp family) that is cultivated for its tough bast fiber and edible seeds and oil and that is often separated into a tall loosely branched species (C. sativa) and a low-growing densely branched species (C. indica). NOTE: Cultivated hemp is often distinguished from cannabis by possessing very low levels of the psychoactive substance THC. Industrial Hemp used for all of our CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC, according to U.S. Federal guidelines.

• Cannabis – a tall Asian herb (Cannabis sativa of the family Cannabaceae, the hemp family) that has a tough fiber and is often separated into a tall loosely branched species (C. sativa) and a low-growing densely branched species (C. indica) — used especially for cultivated varieties having high levels of THC

• THC – either of two physiologically active isomers C21H30O2 from hemp plant resin especially : one that is the chief intoxicant in marijuana

• Full Spectrum – A cannabis product that contains not only CBD, but also some other cannabinoids (usually THC), and terpenes in their naturally occurring quantities.

• Broad Spectrum – Containing more than just CBD, such as some minor cannabinoids and terpenes, but typically no THC.

• Isolate – A cannabis product that contains only CBD.

• Terpenes – Oils found in all plants that give the plant scent, flavor, and additional benefits.

• Sublingual – A consumption method that entails you applying the product under the tongue.

• Topical – A product or method that requires you to apply the product to the skin topically. Does not get into bloodstream.

• Tincture – Traditionally used to describe alcohol based products, but now used to describe even oil-based products. Typically used sublingually or orally.

Now, let's address some common questions!

Will CBD get you high?

The short answer is “No.”
All of the products we carry are derived from industrial hemp, and contain less than 0.3% THC per legal requirements. These THC levels  are not nearly large enough to make the user feel “high”.
That being said, some customers have reported mild feelings of happiness, euphoria, or relaxation when using some CBD products

How do I use it?

CBD comes in many different forms, and can be used or ingested in many different ways. It is most commonly made into tinctures (ingested sublingually,) edibles/capsules/beverages (ingested orally,) topicals (applied to the skin,) or concentrates (which are often vaporized, smoked, or dabbed.)
We usually include instructions with any products we ship, if it is not already on the packaging.

How much should I take?

CBD use is incredibly personal, and it is extremely difficult for us to suggest an appropriate dosage for anyone. It can take a fair amount of time and experimentation to dial in what you feel is an effective dose for your body and mind.
That being said, we recommend starting with a minimum dose of around 15mg of CBD per day for adult use. This can be measured in many different ways, across a broad range of different products, but it equals one half dropper full of Mile Marker No. 5’s 15mL 500mg tincture, for example.
People that experience more severe issues than others may commonly take upwards of 100mg of CBD per day, with no reported side effects. We do not recommend a first time user starting with this high of a dose, though, as you may find yourself using more product than is necessary. We like to suggest taking at least a few days to figure out what works best for you. Just listen to your body and do what feels best for you.

What is CBD used for? Will it help with pain | anxiety | depression | addiction | fibromyalgia | cancer | seizures | etc.?

By federal law, we cannot, and will not make any claims regarding the effectiveness of CBD in relation to any ailments. What we can offer is our experience, and years of anecdotal evidence from our customers, family, friends, and our own experiences.

CBD products are most commonly taken to help treat chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and seizures. We have personally seen and heard of changes in people taking CBD products for these issues, among many others, but we cannot and will not claim that it absolutely will or will not help you with any of these issues, or with any other issues that you may be attempting to treat.

There are thousands of resources on the web that contain more information about the purported benefits of CBD, along with peoples’ personal experiences. We recommend doing some reading on public forums like Reddit, but using your own discretion in finding reliable information. It would be wise to avoid seeking this sort of information from any sources that are trying to sell you something – including us!

Can I fail a drug test?

It is possible, and we cannot make any promises one way or the other. There are a few factors for this:

1. There are different types of drug tests that test for different chemicals, and in different ways.
2. Everyone’s body chemistry is unique, and there is no way for us to know how your body will process CBD, or anything else.
3. We don’t know your employer’s policies. Some employers use tests that show the levels of THC, and they will allow for trace amounts. Other employers will not allow for trace amounts, and some may not even use a test that shows the levels – instead, only showing a positive or negative. And some can’t even distinguish a difference between cannabinoids and THC.

We recommend honesty and transparency, in any case. Wether it be your employer, doctor, pain management program, etc – it is always best to ask their policies first, taking time to explain to them that you are considering (or are currently) using CBD products.

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