500mg CBD LUXE Pharma Grade Mint Tincture Spray


500mg CBD LUXE Pharma Grade Mint Tincture Spray


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Tincture sprays are becoming one of the most popular CBD products on the market. We are taking CBD spray to the next level by incorporating steam distilled mint in our tinctures to give you a fresh mint flavor and its homeopathic benefits with every spray.

Our steam distilled mint is USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO, keeping in line with our focus on your health and wellness. As a matter of fact, all of our ingredients are USDA Certified organic and non-GMO. The hemp from which the CBD derived is also locally grown and has passed our rigorous quality standards. At CBD Luxe, we are committed to your health and well-being.

When you try our CBD fresh mint spray, you not only get the physical and mental benefits of the CBD, but you also get the great taste and homeopathaic benefits of the breath-freshening mint.

Mint is one of natures greatest anti emetics (anti nauseal) as well as being known to improve brain functions and aid in digestion!


Why Tincture Spray?

There are many benefits to tincture sprays as a way to deliver CBD. For starters, it is very convenient, especially for those of us with busy lives. It can be carried virtually anywhere in your pocket, purse, or hand. It is also very discreet since you are simply spraying a single spray in your mouth or on your skin, so you won’t be disrupting those around you.

CBD fresh mint spray is also a great option for beginners because it is one of the simplest ingestion methods of CBD. Those of you looking to try CBD for the first time should definitely consider tincture sprays.


How to Use CBD Fresh Mint Spray

To enjoy the taste and full effects of our CBD fresh mint spray, it is recommended to first shake the bottle. Spray a single dose under your tongue and hold it there for approximately 90 seconds, then swallow. It is ok to swallow before the 90 seconds is up but holding it for the full time will shorten the time it takes to start feeling the effects.

Our CBD fresh mint spray can also be used topically by spraying it directly on your skin and rubbing it in. Regardless of how you use the spray, you will experience the health and wellness benefits.

15mL bottle. Made with MCT coconut oil.