Do you own your own CBD brand? Are you constantly wondering where to sell your CBD? (HINT: It’s not Amazon.) has just begun rolling out our new Partnering Vendor Program. Currently, this is the only way we will consider adding new brands or products to our carefully-curated selection.

But don’t fret. Anyone can apply to become a Partnering Vendor, and the entire process is actually easier than devoting time and energy to acquiring new retailer accounts.

Our Partnering Vendor Program is transparent, flexible, and can eliminate much of the stress involved in managing, marketing, and selling your own brand of products.

There are a few variations of our Partnering Vendor Program that you can choose from, and each can be custom-tailored to your needs. From simply providing you with a trusted platform to better sell your product, to managing 100% of your marketing, sales, and distribution – we have developed several ways to assist committed brands and entrepreneurs in the budding health and wellness industry.

Benefits of partnering with

• Flexibility – No time commitments. Opt out at any time.
• Increased Visibility – You can only meet with so many potential customers or wholesale accounts at any given time – wether it be in a physical or digital space. We can help increase your visibility in both spaces, resulting in better brand awareness.
• Time Management – allow us to help you maximize your efficiency by providing as many or as few services as you would like – from marketing and direct-to-consumer sales, to complete brand management, warehousing, and distribution.
• Simplicity – owning your own brand can be as easy as sitting back and collecting a check each month!
• More Traffic = More Sales – as America’s Most Trusted Source for Full Spectrum Wellness, partnering with us provides your products with prime real-estate on a high traffic, high conversion marketplace with a built-in customer base.

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